Lettre d'amour (en anglais)

Vous aimeriez envoyer une lettre d'amour en anglais mais ne savez pas comment la tourner ? Pratique.fr vous propose une modèle type de lettre d'amour dans la langue de Shakespeare.

Lettre d'amour (en anglais)
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Aperçu de Lettre d'amour (en anglais)

Dear [first name],

I had to take my courage into my two hands to dare to write you this letter.

You see, I’ve never yet had the chance to write a declaration of love, and I don’t know what to say, and especially how to begin. As a rule, it’s hard for me to express my feelings, and I thought that this letter could help me tell you just how highly I think of you.

It’s true, we met a very short time ago, and yet I think of you very often. The day you were introduced to me, I truly fell in love with you at first sight, and since then, I appreciate your conversation and your presence more than anyone else’s in the world.

I’m constantly trying to catch your eye and seeking out your companionship, which is so precious to me, and I owe it to myself to lift the veil on this situation which is obsessing me. It seemed to me, last time we spoke, that this feeling was shared.

Would it be possible that you harbor the same thoughts about me? That the language that separates us is not an obstacle? I would never dream of this, and I don’t dare think about it, for fear of falling too far…

Please receive these few words with kindness and do not make me languish any longer. Answer me as soon as possible!