Lettre de motivation pour un stage (en anglais)

Vous souhaitez partir en césure à l'étranger et intégrer une entreprise le temps d'un stage ? Voici une lettre de motivation type rédigée en anglais.

Lettre de motivation pour un stage (en anglais)
Lettre de motivation pour un stage (en anglais) - cliquez pour agrandir
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Aperçu de Lettre de motivation pour un stage (en anglais)

Place and date of issue,

Surname, name
Postcode - City Name of Address
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Dear Sir or Madam:

As a current student in my [specify] year at [specify university or college] located in the city of [specify location], I am contacting you to request an internship at your company.

Your company, with its serious reputation, could effectively allow me to acquire my first significant experience in the [specify] business. Therefore, this internship would be a chance for me to become familiar with the [specify] industry, a field that is of particular interest to me and that I would like to be a part of from the beginning of my processional career.

The knowledge I have acquired during my education as well as my great motivation and ability to adapt will allow me to quickly become part of your team for a period of [specify duration of the internship].

I am completely available to provide you with any further information you may require regarding my candidacy.

I am looking forward to meeting you for an interview. Best regards,